1-Head and foot part, height adjustment and + / - trendelenburg functions are controlled by four electric motors.
2-Head-foot, height adjustment functions  and + / - trendelenburg functions can be controlled by hand remote control panel.
3-Electrically operated fowler position.
4-Vascular position controlled with gradual mechanism.
5-Bed platform has four plastic lying surface.
6-Easy removable ABS head and foot boards.
7-Bed has four pieces of plastic side rails.
8-The lower part of the bed is plastic coated.
9-  125 mm diameter plastic cross braking castors.
10-Bed has four slots for IV pole in each corner.
11-There are four bumpers in each corner
12-Electrical consumption is 240 V, 50-60 HZ, 24 V energy.


1-Height adjustable chrome nickel coated IV pole.
2-Drainage suspender.
3-Hand remote control panel.


1-Bed length extension manullay up to 15 cm 
2-Orthapedic Hanger
3-  125 mm central lock and directional way castor
4-CPR Manuelly 
5-Nurse Control Panel
6-Side Raıl Control Panel 
7-Compact Laminate back lying surface with X-Ray Casset Placed 
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