Meditec England-Anesthesia Machine Galaxy Plus

Medical Anesthesia Machine with Ventilator
CE marked.
Applicable to Neonate (>5kg), pediatric and adult.
Mechanical flow meter
Highly integrated absorber,
The standard absorber could be automatically heated, to avoid water condensation.
15 inch touch screen & big font display for easy review.
Touch screen + navigation wheel for simple operation.
Vaporizer with CE mark and with automatic compensation for temperature, pressure and flow.
Interlock for two positions to ensure anesthetic accuracy.
World leading brands of flow sensors, differential pressure sensors, pressure regulating valves and proportional valves to ensure accurate ventilation.
Close-loop control to offer real-time compensation for fresh gas, absorber compliance and system leakage.
Patented technology of proportional valve, simultaneous monitoring of inspiration and expiration
Safe valves for gas supply, driving gas and fresh gas; multiple pressure and volume protection.
Audio and visual alarms with three levels.
Comprehensive Function

Excellent anesthesia ventilator

For patients at different ages, neonate (>5kg), pediatric and adult.
Various ventilation modes: VCV, PCV, SIMV+VCV+PSV, SIMV+PCV+PSV, Manual, Standby

Sophisticated monitoring

Respiratory parameter monitoring
Resistance(R), Compliance(C), PEEP, I: E , , FiO2
Waveform: P-T, F-T, V-T
Loop: V-P, F-V, F-P;
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